We offer the necessary framework conditions, structures and processes for spin-offs and investments in innovative companies.


FERNRIDE is the leading platform for autonomous, electric trucking. The company is on the mission of solving two major challenges: a drivers shortage and the huge negative impact of transportation on the environment.



There has not been a complete solution for the challenge of controlling drone fleets centrally and simultaneously at different locations around the world. HHLA Sky has developed such a platform. It can clearly and easily map the entire process from planning, disposition, flight to data provision.

  • Safety

    Drones make it possible to secure operational areas and critical infrastructure not only horizontally but also vertically. This reduces time and costs.

  • Inspection

    When it comes to technical inspection, companies can significantly reduce costs by minimizing the downtime of their systems.

  • Transport & Logistics

    Internal transport, e.g. emergency deliveries or express deliveries on site, can be carried out in a significantly shorter time and at lower costs.

  • Security & Environmental Protection

    Increasing occupational safety and improving environmental monitoring through faster access to inaccessible areas (fire, radiation, etc.).



iSAM AG is the world's leading company for autonomous systems in bulk and container handling and individual process automation. With their own research and development, they redefine the limits of what is technically possible day after day. Constant further development and updating of existing systems ensure continuous competitiveness.

  • Bulk Handling

    Automation solutions for goods handling to optimize and increase the efficiency of transport chains when loading and unloading bulk goods.

  • Container Handling

    Innovative automation solution for precise control of the load using real-time 3D scanning technology and GPS position data for control.

  • Automotive & Aircraft Construction

    Development of an automated repair process for fiber composite parts in cooperation with Airbus and Lufthansa Technik.

  • Welding technology & Steel Production

    iSAM sets new standards with an increased welding speed, the avoidance of errors and a reliable inspection of finished welds.



modility is a digital booking and brokerage portal for intermodal transport (focus on rail) in Europe. Operators can use modility to market their transport capacities and customers can easily find and book them.

  • Transparency & Efficiency

    For the first time, Modility creates cross-industry access to various networks and providers, which users can use not only to obtain information, but also to plan and book their transports directly. Customers can choose from numerous providers and compare them.

  • Utilization

    As a provider-neutral platform, Modility is open to all companies - regardless of their size or experience with combined transport. Operators reach other target groups via the additional sales channel, which enables a higher utilization of the transports.

  • Transport Brokerage

    On modility.com, customers who need transportation are matched with transportation providers. The direct booking of parking spaces is the core of the platform. The two parties deal with each other as they do today.



Spherie is a service provider for linear and 360° film production, 3D scanning, drone inspection and AR/VR development. The aim is to digitize the world we experience every day in order to transform it into new, innovative experiences that push the boundaries of immersive technology. Whether for tourism, industry or media production, Spherie sets new industrial standards with individual solutions.

  • Drones

    Spherie's proprietary 360-key technology enables a 360° all-round view with no obstacles in the picture.

  • 3D-Models

    Create a 3D scan of any object or environment for data visualization, simulation or inspection.

  • AR/VR Applications

    SkyTrip combines 360° environmental capture with interactive VR, enabling a virtual tourism experience.

  • Inspections

    The 360° recording supports the navigation and orientation of challenging inspections such as pipes, tunnels, etc.