We offer the necessary framework conditions, structures and processes for spin-offs and investments in innovative companies.

Direct Investments


FERNRIDE is the leading platform for autonomous, electric trucking. The company is on the mission of solving two major challenges: a drivers shortage and the huge negative impact of transportation on the environment.


heyport is a software solution for optimizing communication and coordination of port calls. heyport connects all parties involved in a port call, such as shipping companies, terminals and port authorities. Through central communication channels, everyone receives the same information for planning.


There has not been a complete solution for the challenge of controlling drone fleets centrally and simultaneously at different locations around the world. HHLA Sky has developed such a platform. It can clearly and easily map the entire process from planning, disposition, flight to data provision.


iSAM AG is the world's leading company for autonomous systems in bulk and container handling and individual process automation. With their own research and development, they redefine the limits of what is technically possible day after day. Constant further development and updating of existing systems ensure continuous competitiveness.


modility is a digital booking and brokerage portal for intermodal transport (focus on rail) in Europe. Operators can use modility to market their transport capacities and customers can easily find and book them.


Spherie is a service provider for linear and 360° film production, 3D scanning, drone inspection and AR/VR development. The aim is to digitize the world we experience every day in order to transform it into new, innovative experiences that push the boundaries of immersive technology. Whether for tourism, industry or media production, Spherie sets new industrial standards with individual solutions.

Survey Compass

Survey Compass digitizes container depot service processes and thus increases the efficiency and quality of container maintenance and repair operations.

Indirect Investments

Motion Ventures

Motion Ventures is a Singapore-based strategic global venture capital fund focused on early-stage investments in the maritime supply chain.


theDOCK is a venture capitalist from Israel that invests in startups developing technologies for the ports, shipping and logistics sectors.